[QRY] Steps to profile threads created inside a DLL

[QRY] Steps to profile threads created inside a DLL


We have VTune 8.0 Beta (Build:16926) and Thread Profiler 3.0 (Build:0.23479) here.

We are trying to use Thread Profiler to profile a DLL which creates several threads. The Profile View that I keep on getting has a straight critical path and it doesn't show the information regarding threads that I have created from the DLL.

I thought I might not be properly using Thread Profiler, thus I went ahead and inserted some code into the DLL. I have named the Thread (__itt_thr_name_set) and created User Events(__itt_event_create, __itt_event_start) inside the DLL using libittnotify APIs but I still can't get the threads properly profiled.

Any information would be appreciated.


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