/Qvec-report interferes with Call Graph Instrumentation

/Qvec-report interferes with Call Graph Instrumentation


After spending the last 3 hours trying to figure out why the Call Graph wasn't showing the function in which 99% of program execution is spent, I finally got it to work by simply removing the /Qvec-report3 compiler switch. I have verified that this switch interferes with instrumentation on two different machines using Visual Studio .NET 2003. Perhaps only those functions in which vectorization occurs are affected -- I'm not sure.


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Dear Nafis,

The switch /Qvec-report3 forces the build of some extra debugging information to enable reporting variable identifiers indetailed data dependence reports. I was not aware this interfered with call graph construction (you may want to report this through premier). Switch /Qvec-report2 (and lower) does not require this information, and still gives you information on the success and failure of vectorizing your code. Hope this helps for now at least.

Aart Bik


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