VTune 8.0 WinCE 5.0 PXA270

VTune 8.0 WinCE 5.0 PXA270

Dear All,

I am using VTune 8.0, Windows CE 5.0 running on the Intel PXA270@520MHz.

I have application that I want to use VTune to analyse on the PXA270. I have copied the following file into the Windows directory on the CE device:




And the supporting dlls

From the VTuneRDC for XSC2TaegetWCE.NET42 on the PC

I have tried in two ways to collect data on the PXA270 but have not been successful.

1. I used the VTuneTDC.exe on the target. After creating a new activity, I have not been able to start this activity. selecting start does not collect data nor change the status.

2. I have also tried with the VTRemoteSvr.exe and its the same.

I will be very happy to know the best way to approach this.


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