Problems getting logs with vtlxsc or rmtsvr

Problems getting logs with vtlxsc or rmtsvr

Hi all,

I tried to use rmtsvr combined with XscVTuneHostDC.exe to get logs for Vtune Analyser (SRDC mode). On thetarget side, when I stop the sampling, I get a segmentation fault errorand on the host side the XscVTuneHostDC freezes.

Ialso tried TLDC mode using vtlxsc on the target. I do the following commands :
-vtlxsc activity myactivity
- vtlxsc start

Bu then nothing happens. Log files are generated but I can not convert them into tb5.

I get the following error message :

BuildTbxXSC successful... modules added to sample file
Sample file contains 0 samples 778 modules

Unknown CPU - unable to convert to TB5 format for analysis. Convert5 failed.
Did I miss something ?


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