"Most Active Functions In Your System" instead of My Application.

"Most Active Functions In Your System" instead of My Application.

May be it's stupid question.
I read First Use pdf FAQ, and try to repead.
But always vtune show me Most Active Functions In Your System instead of my application. On link "All other function" show nothing. But at down of summary wrote
"Command executed: /opt/intel/vtune/samples/gsexample/gsexample2a datafile.txt 10000 " ..
But I need measure perfomance of my application.
what have I to do?

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Welcome to the forum. Your question is a good one. From your description, it appears you are using a sampling activity. Sampling always does system wide profiling. It doesn't care what's running. The analyzer periodically interrupts the processor and takes a snapshot of the execution context. The context may be in your application or another application. It just depends upon what is running at the time. You may be able to get more specific information about your application by configuring a Call Graph activity.


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