/opt/intel/vtune/shared/bin/PrintCpuInfo32 error

/opt/intel/vtune/shared/bin/PrintCpuInfo32 error

Hi , I have installed vtune for linux 3.0 at the Intel Itanium 2 processor(64 bit) SMP,The OS is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3.0 ,kernel is 2.4.21-9.EL,I installed the Vtune and Vtune driver (VDK) without any error,but when I run this command : vtl activity -d 30 -c sampling -c callgraph -master sampling -app /opt/intel/vtune/doc/samples/vtundemo/vtundemo -moi /opt/intel/vtune/doc/samples/vtundemo/vtundemo

it gives the folllowing error message:
sh: line 1: /opt/intel/vtune/shared/bin/PrintCpuInfo32: No such file or directory
and I can find the PrintCpuInfo32 just in /opt/intel/vtune/shared/bin/ ,
but in fact ,the vtune tools can work well although the error message . how can i remove the error message? I try to rename the PrintCpuInfo64 in the same directory to PrintCpuInfo32, and it gives the error message :
can't get object name for the processor.

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This is ringing a bell, althoughI can't find anything on my notes on this one.

I suggest you open a Premier case on this, just cut and paste your excellent report above, and let's see what engineering has to say about this.



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