VTune hung up on 2.6.13-1 kernel when sampling L2 cache miss event.

VTune hung up on 2.6.13-1 kernel when sampling L2 cache miss event.


I'm using Vtune Performance Analyzer 7.2 for Windows with Vtune RDC 3.0 for Linux. The Linuxdsitribution I used is Cent OS 4.1 which used 2.6.9-11 kernel by default.

I downloaded 2.6.13-1 kernel version andfound VTunehas some problems with this kernel version.Whenever I added L2 cache miss event to the sampling activity, both VTune performance analyzer and rdc hang up after the sampling is started. If just sampling clock ticks and retired instructions, no problem.

However, this problem doesnt exist ifthedefault kernel 2.6.9-11is used.

Any idea?



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I haven't heard about this problem before, but let's make sure you have the latest software, which was updated around AUG 22 of this year. You can download it from Premier. Internally we call this the VDK update 1.

If you go to downloads at the premier site, I think you'll want the latest setup_rdc.tar file, which has the above date. The upgrade was designed specifically to assist our 2.6 customers.

You'll need to uninstall the older version first. Let us know once you've done that, and how it's going.


Hi Jdg,

I downloaded the latest setup_rdc.tar and install it on the Linux kernel VTune Linux RDC doesn't hang up any more. But VTune Windows performance analyzer reports "Sampling Unexpectedly Stopped" whenever L2 cache miss event is added to the sampling activity. I remember this happens before when I added L1 cache miss event.

I don't know why this happen?


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I'm getting similar results. VTune 7.2 on Windows XP as host and FC3 (linux 2.6.12) target. Without any upgrades, communication between host/target was slow and eventually hung when L2 metrics were selected. With upgrades (8/22/2005 setup_rdc.tar and 8/1/2005 VPA_72_update.zip) I don't get a hang but a message that there "were no results generated from this run".

Update: I dropped back to a linux 2.6.9 kernel on the target, reinstalled the RDCand VTune started returning results. This is OK, for now, but not sustainable.

Any ideas?



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Please be aware that new VDK 4.0 Update 1 release is now available. This package contains an update to the sampling feature for certain VTune Performance Analyzer products on the Linux* platform. It can be downloaded from


You don't need to uninstall your current VTune product. Just run install-vdk.sh script - your sampling libraries and VDK will be upgraded automatically.

Note: RDC users are strongly advised to upgrade the RDC to the latest VTune Performance Analyzer 3.x version before applying this update.

Please try to update your RDC part with the package and let us know if you meet any issues.


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