Dell Axim X30 and VTune

Dell Axim X30 and VTune

Is there an issue with VTune 7.2 and PPC Second Edition? When I install VTune 7.2 it give a warning that it may not display properly?

I ask this because I can not get VTune to log events on the PPC. When I hit the start button, nothing happens. The stop and resume buttons are not enabled and the result files do not have anything in them. It just goes back to having the start highlighted.

I have tried this both with the remote agent and directly on the PPC with the same results. Am I missing somthing?


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You have to check if there is pmudll.dll under Windows first. If not found, please copy this from Dell Axim X30 accompanied CD. Thanks!
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I have looked around on the cd and unable to find this file. Could you point me to where it would be? Is in a .cab or other archive? Dell was unable to tell me where it is either.


Actually, if that were the problem, the remote server or VTuneTDC would have reported "Initialization failed" and you would not have been able to collect any data. The PMUDLL.DLL file was include in the X30 image, but was omitted in the X3 image.

Anyway, which second edition are you referring to? When you say PPC that could mean Pocket PC* 2002, Pocket PC 2003, or Windows* Mobile* 2003 for Pocket PC. I believe the last two had a 'Second Edition'.

Additionally, can you tell me how youconfigured the activity? Let's focus on the local collector, VTuneTDC, since that removes any problems due to remote communication. Did you try configuring a default activity (20 seconds, TBS, no app to launch) and then run at least one app after it started (just so the device doesn't idle)?


Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1088 (Build 14260.2.0.2)

I tried profiling locally.
My DeviceProgram FilesVTuneVTuneTDC

File -> New Activity
Choose default actions (Hot Spot Analysis), don't select an application to launch

Then start sampling
Sampling -> Start

Now the problem occurs, or better yet nothing occurs. If I choose sampling again, Start is still the only option that I can choose. I have tried this with launching application and nothing launches and Start is still the only option. I can go and run the calculator and come back, still start is the only option that can be choosen.

When I quit, the activity files are present, but there is nothing in any of them.

What am I missing?

Before you select Sampling -> Start, does the status line, at the bottom right of screen, say Ready? It should display Ready and then after the Sampling -> Start, it should say Running.

The status line is always "Ready". Even after selecting Start, it stays at "Ready". The system is responsive and I can select Start again, but still nothing happens.

How did you install the XScale technology collector? Did you use the install or did you manually copy the files?

I used the installer. I ended up with
My Device
- Program Files
-- VTune
--- VTDCSampling
--- VTIdle
--- VTRemoteAgent
--- VTremoteSvr
--- VTuneTDC

directory structure.

I just tested this on my X30, after installing the analyzer, and didn't have any problems. I get the same message about potential display problems during install, but everything works fine. I suggest youuninstall the collector from the X30 and reinstall it using the setup.exe in the VTuneRDC for XSC2TargetWCEPPC2003TargetSetup directory. Then, do the default sampling session and see if the status changes from Ready to Running and back again.

No luck. I did a hard reset and installed only the Collector. Still has the same behaviour.

Maybe I am setting up the Activity file incorrectly. Could you post the one that you used and I can see if that works?

If you accept all the defaults, then you are using the same activity configuration. I don't think sharing the activity file will help.

Where did you get your device?

On my device, when I look in Settings -> System -> About, I see:

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1088 (Build 14049)

From Settings -> System -> System Info, I see

ROM Version: A02
Language: English

Please tell me what is displayed on your device.

I got the device from Dell.

Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition
Version 4.21.1088(Build 14260.2.0.2)

ROM Version: A05(10070400EN)
Language: English

Thanks for your help DaveA. I ended up upgrading the firmware to the latest on Dells site and it works now.

ROM Version : A06(05130500EN)

Hmmm...interesting. Well, thanks for checking out the ROM upgrade. It would seem that at least one release between A02 and A06 doesn't work with the analyzer. :smileysad: Well, now we know!

Thanks for updating everyone, fkoenig!

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