Callgraph profiling with custom setjmp/longjmp functions

Callgraph profiling with custom setjmp/longjmp functions

I'm profiling a program on Windows that implements custom routines that do effectively the same thing as setjmp/longjmp. Callgraph profiling doesn't work at all in this case. The first longjmp results in a crash. Is this to be expected? Is there some way to workaround this issue?

I'm guessing that VTune recognizes the OS setjmp/longjmp and has special handling.

I tried various combinations of excluding functions from being instrumented without success. By the way the function and class columns in the "Configure Call Graph" --> "Advanced" dialog needs to be wider. The app I'm working with makes signnificant use of templates and namespaces.


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I'm sorry no one replied sooner. I've been on an extended vacation and am just now seeing your question.

I would say "yes, that is to be expected". Basically, callgraph inserts code into the calling sequences of your application. If you change the sequences at runtime - watch out!

However, if you submit an issue at Intel Premier Support, we maybe able to work with you to resolve this problem. We have some special stuff that might address these issues, or be able to get engineering to help determine what's not working and what can be done to make it work.



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