Quick Poll: Debian Linux?

Quick Poll: Debian Linux?

Hey guys,

How many of you currently use Debian? Would use Debian if VTune supported it? Would you use VTune if it supported Debian?

All thoughts welcomed.


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Also, what distributions of Debian* are you using?


we're using Debian Woody (3.0) on a 300-CPU Xeon cluster.
We also use VTune heavily, but of course only on special
test machines that have SuSE Linux installed so we can
install VTune there.

We'd very much like to see VTune working on Debian. The
remote data collector would be of some help, but the full
thing would be much better.


Hey Georg. thanks for the quick note.

Is there anybody else reading, who would use VTune on Debian if it were available?



Like Georg we're using Debian Woody (3.0r5) but only on a small
Xeon cluster. We are also using Debian Sarge (3.1) on a few boxes.

We would like to see VTune working on Debian.


We are using it as well on a handful of workstations (around 4), running Debian unstable with the stable kernels (2.4). We would of course like to see Debian well-supported in the industry, and therefore VTune support would be nice.

Thanks for chiming in, rutt.

This poll is going to stay open for a good long while. If you're reading, and use Debian, please add your voice to this list.


I currently use Debian sarge on my personal machines, although the computers in our office mostly run Fedora Core 3. I'd still like to be able to use VTune on both though.

Yes. I'm frankly shocked that VTune doesn't support installs on
Debian-based distros. Ubuntu is #1 in the Distrowatch rankings,
and MEPIS is #4.

Even more disturbing is that if you try to use ICC 9.0 on
Fedora Core 4, you can't compile with the -ipo flag. The
error is that "(" isn't recognized!

I have been trying every single current distribution of Linux
in a vain attempt to find one that will seamlessly support
ICC, IPP, and VTune, but to no avail.

ICC and IPP work well on Debian-based distros and not on
Fedora-type distros. But VTune won't install at all on
Debian, because chkconfig doesn't exist.

That seems silly, because I don't want any VTune stuff started
at boot, anyway.

Can you tell me which environment *IS* supported ?



Supported OS versions for each product are listed in the release notes for that product. Those notes are available on line before you install:


I think you'll notice that typically, this includes the later versions of the commercial releases for Red Hat and SuSE in the case of VTune (whose forum this is).

For users who don't currently work with Red Hat and SuSE linux, we offer a remote Linux agent solution: install the agent on your Linux server, and run the VTune GUI from a second system, which has to be a supported Linux or Windows platform.

The remote agent (vtserver) is a much simpler program than the whole of VTune, and installs on a lot more than just the supported OS listings. You then launch profiling experiments from the GUI, targeting the remote agent, which is running on the system that your app-to-be-profiled is located on. Works like a champ.

As you can tell from this posting and its thread, we're extremely interested in knowing more about our Debian customers. If they require a command line or GUI solution, that the remote agent doesn't give them what they need, we want to know.

Also knowing you don't like the starting of the support layer of services for VTune at boot is good for us to know. (They can be started manually, but, arranging for them automatically at the start of multiuser mode is what most customers prefer.)

I had hoped somebody from Debian would partner with us,or at least take an interest in providing or simplifyingany possible workarounds to the current situation,but, BUGZILLA seems a less than satisfying process for that.

If there is progress along those lines, this forum will be the first to read about it.


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I am too interested in using vTune with Debian distro. In my case I need to have 2.6 kernal support as well.

I, myself use Debian Stable (Sarge) / Testing (Etch) for development of customer applications, and would very much like to see support for debian and debian-like distros



We are using Debian on some development machines, and other modern Linux dialects as well. I would like to see more support for Linux in general. The GUI should run on Linux, optimally using a portable, modern GUI toolkit (GTK+ 2, QT, etc.). Compiler support is somewhat lacking, only g++ 3.2 and 3.3 are supported. I would like to see g++ 3.4, 4.0 and 4.1 supported as well. On Windows XP, mingw (g++/msvcrt) 3.4.x support would be of similar importance. This would show a long-term perspective and real support for the product.
We are developing very complex embedded systems on multiple platforms and need a standards conforming C++ compiler to manage complexity. A single code base for multiple platforms (securing investions in software development) is very important for us, as well as tool availability.



It would be great to have support for Debian. At the moment I'm starting to use vtune and have to do it remotely to a RHEL4 machine. Definitely, Debian support would be great.



Hi All,

in our company, all Linux PCs are running Debian and some laptops are running (k)ubuntu. We are heavily awaiting a debian version of vTune and company.

I would be interested as I am setting up intel dev environment on Ubuntu Dapper.

Hi all,

We are currently using Debian, both Woody and Sarge, as well as some Ubuntu distributions.

We have been able to managed using Vtune rdc in all those distributions but It will be quite nice to have a proper installer without having to do work-arounds. To have a GUI in these distributions would be of great advantage for us.



I'm using Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy Eft) and would really like to see Debian and Debian derived distros supported.

I've registered for both the C compilers and Vtune to play with on some free software projects I play with in my spare time and whilst there are scripts around to get the C compilers going I've drawn a blank with Vtune.

Back to hacking the install script to make it sane..

I'm also using Ubuntu 6.10. It would be most useful to have debian support, if not for the entire package then at least for vtserver.

I did muck around with trying to install it for (quite) some time but it looked like a bit of a deep hole :(

running debian "sid" on development laptop (pentium m) and production server (2x xeon w/ ht) -- both on the 2.6.18 kernel.

currently using open source valgrind, but just downloaded the vtune tar-ball, and was a bit disappointed that it wouldnt install.

hope intel will get rid of chkconfig, as we will not consider another linux distro.

I do and would use VTune if it supported Debian.


I am an Kubuntu user, and would love to have a supported Vtune on my system.

Kind regards,

Feike Boomstra

We have several clusters that run debian as well as 7 floors of worstations. I would really like to be able to use vtune on them. Especially as I always get asked to run it to give the compiler group information when I submit FORTRAN and C trouble tickets. In fact, I still have an open ticket on the Beta compiler just because I can't run vtune for them.

Chalk up another vote for vtune on ubuntu. We've been slowly switching all our systems from FC to Ubuntu. Right now we are considering using vtune for some stuff and I have to get some extra hardware to install FC5 on it to give it a try. An ubuntu version would be much appreciated.

hey there,

since privately i mostly use debian (etch) and also on my laptop which i often use at work, i would be very glad to see VTune support for Debian.

We are running a visualisation cluster consisting of Slackware machines. After some struggle i gave up on trying to get it working, and decided to go and try the RDC way using vtserver. Unfortunately with the VTune installer i don't even get as far as selecting the RDC component only, because the script checks for chkconfig before that.

Is there a separate installer or script for non-Redhat systems for just the remote component? Or how am i supposed to get the data collection service running on that slack machine?

thanks for any help,


The Intel MID PDK is Ubuntu-based. Obviously, we would only run the collector on the MID, but the the main dev machine is Ubuntu and we want to run VTune from that system. Ubuntu support is key.

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I am stuck on slackware as well and the ytune installer does not work even with some hacking of the install script. It would be nice to have something that worked on any distribution.

Anyone has a solution for that one?

FYI: VTune analyzer for Linux 9.0 Update 7 added support for Ubuntu* 7.10 and Debian* 4. Download the update from the registration center, if you have active support services, or register for an eval, if you would like to try it out.

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