AV in CGBE - Callgraphing .NET application involving interop

AV in CGBE - Callgraphing .NET application involving interop

I am trying to call graph a .NET console application (Tried UI and vtl).

The .NET application calls into a COM dll through .NET interop. When I call graph the application, the application gets an access violation. I started the application through vtl and immediately attached a debugger to the newly spawned process.

I broke into the debugger in CGBE.dll ! CGBELeaveMethod.

This is blocking my progress and is super critical.

Has anyone encountered this before?


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Hi Gandhi.

The fact that instrumented (before collecting Call Graph data) application runs worse than the original one usually indicates instrumentation problems.
It may make sense to try the solutions from http://support.intel.com/support/performancetools/sb/CS-006107.htmeven while I don't think they will help.
If they don't, please submit this to Intel Premier Support (it is free!). It would be great for the investigation purposes if you could attach your application. Please specify the issue number here if you decide to submit it.


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