vtune on relatively recent distros

vtune on relatively recent distros

Hi all,

This has probably been beaten to death here, but I'll have a go anyway...

Anybody managed to get vtune running on a fedora core or ubuntu box?

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Nice to hear from you freakabcd,

Fedora core is not supported currently, I'm guessing nobody is going to report here that they've got it going.

Ubuntu Linux --> not in any plans I have seen. If you have access to a supported OS (late RH or SuSE released distributions), you could always try installing a GUI on the supported OS, and installing a linux remote agent (vtserver) on the Ubuntu, depending on kernel. (It's not in the supported list for vtserver, but, until you tried, you wouldn't know for sure. Might be a quick way to get some profiling info.)


Hi all,

I ran into "invalid license file" issue when installing vtune v9 on Ubuntu. Any get around?



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