"Sampling driver file is already in use"

"Sampling driver file is already in use"


I got this message while trying to run a sampling activity -

"sampling collector failed to collect data as the sampling driver file is already in use" - is the sampling driver file same as vtuneenv.exe ?

I closed VTUNE, killed vtuneenv.exe through task manager and then ran the same sampling activity -and it ran to completion (although this time I chose the default -i.e. run the activity after closing the wizard" instead of starting and stopping it manually - can anyone give me an idea of why I would have got this message and what can be done to avoid it as I seem to get it often ?

Also, is there a way in which you can change the sampling runs after you have a completed sampling activity -for example -let's say you selected "A few sampling runs (for basic micro-architecture tuning) while configuring the samplingactivity -now that you have a sampling activity, can you go back and change to single run or multiple runs (for advanced micro-architecture tuning) or does one have to generate a new activity if we need to change the number of runs ?

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I think at the end you are asking about "modify activity." Of course you should be able to change any of the parameters available there, without starting a new activity, once the current Vtune operations are complete. I assume you are doing a pure 32-bit Windows analysis, with no remote collector.

I don't think there is an option to change the "no .of runs" after you have completed a sampling activity -if there is ,it would help if you could tell me where it is (it only pops up when you start a new sampling activity -infact that is the first thing that pops up in the sampling configuration wizard )
- I haven't found out how you can do it without starting a new sampling activity

No. The feature you are referring to is part of the Sampling wizard and is only available in the wizard. You would have to manually add events to the sampling collecotor configuration via the Modify Activity... command.


Regarding the message, this should only happen if you attempt to run two or moreinstances of the VTune analyzer. VTuneEnv.exe is the VTune analyzer. The driver is loaded by Windows during the boot sequence.

It concerns me a little that you had to "kill" VTuneEnv.exe. If you exit the analyer, doesn't VTuneEnv.exe unload by itself?


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