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Using the full path to libjvm.so helped. Thanks!

GOOD job, Walles, and thanks for reporting back.



Is Vtune 2.0 for Linux supported on Red Hat Enteprise Linux 3.0 beta 2?

Not yet.

Intel policy is not to support beta releases, until they're fully cooked and released.



Hi Gang,

Many thanks to all who joined the VTune Analyzer 2.0 for Linux* beta test program! The program is officially over, and the released version of the software hit the press at LinuxWorld in NYC last week, January 21, 2004, and is available for download or ordering now.

If you're still operating beta software under a beta license, it will kick out on JAN 30, so you should upgrade to the released product as soon as possible, here:


(By 'upgrade' I mean either buy or download an evaluation copy.)

Just a quick reminder: the VTune Analyzer 2.0 for Linux* software has the following new features:

-- callgraph for Itanium processor Linux*
-- source view
-- pause/resume APIs
-- more supported OS versions
-- a new getting started guide

Remember, the evaluation version of the software is fully functional, although that license will time out in 7 days from the day you recieve the license.

ALSO, if you are a fulltime student or an instructor who may beinterested in our related pricing plans (Academic Pricing, Student Pricing, or Classroom Pricing) you can check them outat the URL below. Each licensing scheme is slightly different, but you know which category applies to you when you read their descriptions:


Happy tuning!



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