Need license file for w_vt_b_7[1].1.008.exe

Need license file for w_vt_b_7[1].1.008.exe

I need a license file for w_vt_b_7[1].1.008.exe
This is a beta release.
Can someone help me?


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When you register to use this, the licenseshould bee-mailed to the address you provide. If that doesn't happen, file a request on

Hi :

I cannot obtain the update of VTune( w_vt_b_7[1].1.008.exe) from the premierof Intel.Would you please tell me how to obtain it?
Thanks a lot!

The most recent official release is version 7.1 and is available for download from Intel Premier Support as the file w_vt_p_7.1.018.exe.

The file mentioned here, w_vt_b_7.1.008.exe was the beta release of version 7.1 and has been superceded by the official release. The beta release is no longer supported.

If you have not purchased the VTune analyzer, please visit more information, including downloading a 7-day evaluation copy.

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