VTune Error "Failed to Run Activity"

VTune Error "Failed to Run Activity"

I am using VTune Performance Analyzer 7.1 Build:14038 on a Pentium-4 1.5 GHz machine (OS Windows XP).Recently, while running an activity, VTune crashed. When I restarted my machine and tried to run the activity again, I got the following error "There are two different sets of environment variables, used for two different run configurations, making them incompatible." Does anyoneknow how I can sort this problem?
I tried creatinga new activity and running it, but I find VTune to be very unstable now and it crashes frequently. Any help would be welcome.

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In my experience with Vtune on XP, frequent disk repairs and cleanup are needed. The disk becomes badly fragmented, enough to provoke apparent bugs in XP, so youshould become friends with your defragmenter. Almost enough to justify the cost of a Diskeeper license.

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