Contribution as percent of total

Contribution as percent of total


After many teeting problems, I at long last have VTune running. I have upgraded to 2.0 and am running with the GUI pluging for the viewer.

I am loving it. This is a very good program. But there is one thing I miss compared to other profilers I have used in the past.

When I have drilled down to a low level function I am shown the contribution of a function relative to its caller. But what is missing is the percent of the total time. I'm thinking this would be the Edge Time divided by the Total Time. Is it possible to get this rather than the Edge Time. Somehow, a value like 3,730,402 simply doesn't tell me much, whereas a value like 50% would tell me that here is where I should be spending my time. 0.1% would not.



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If you are using Event Based Sampling, the CPU clock tick counts are the best answer to this. Depending on your architecture, that should be a default selection. It is included in the Instructions per Clock sampling ratio selection. As you indicate, it's more important than instructions per clock.

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