Driver for IA64 2.6.x kernel

Driver for IA64 2.6.x kernel


I need to use VTune on Itanium 2 with a 2.6.x kernel.
Is a driver planned for IA64 processor and 2.6.x kernel ?

Jerome Marchand

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Hey Jerome,

For 32-bit Linux, on the Intel VTune Performance Analyzer Driver Kit (VDK) website, we have a version of VDK sources forkernel 2.6.0-test5 on x86 that works with VTune 7.0 and CLI 1.1.

However, it requires a patch to kernel 2.6.0-test5 (i.e., users must rebuild that kernel with the patch, and we include the patch along with the VDK sources).

To answer your specific question regarding 2.6.x and Itanium Linux, wehave not tested/ported VDK driver to any version of kernel 2.6.x (patched or otherwise) onItanium.

So, at the moment, we do not support sampling kernel 2.6.x on IPF. If this support is critical to your work environment, it would be a great idea to open a PREMIER case requesting this support.



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