Tuning Assistant for Itanium???

Tuning Assistant for Itanium???

I found out that the Tuning Assistant feature of VTune is not supported for Itanium (or Itanium 2).
Is this going to be added anytime soon - that's a significant capability on IA32 that I miss trying to figure out IA64.

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You're in luck. We just added Itanum 2 support to the Tuning Assistant in VTune 7.1. You can download an eval at http://www.intel.com/software/products/vtune/vpa/eval.htm

Thankyou very much... I'll get to that right away!

Also,... I had come across an Intel paper from a while ago referring to an Itanium Assemby Assistant tool.

Would you know where this tool is available?


Sorry I've never heard of it. Did you ever get a chance to try out the Tuning Assistant? How did it go?

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