Incorrect Syntax Highlighting in Source View

Incorrect Syntax Highlighting in Source View


I've just installed Intel VTune 7.1.018 for the first time on my PC running Win2k (I did a clean install, never had VTune installed before) and whenever I drill down to source view I can't see the source code because the currently selected line is all white and the rest of the source code lines are all black. This happens with the stand-alone VTune executable as well as from within Visual Studio .NET 2003. I've already completely deinstalled and then installed VTune again but to no avail. I've also installed it on another PC where this problem does not occur which has left me kind of stumped because that PC is basically the same PC as mine, same hardware, same software. Has anyone experienced this before and can tell me what I can do about it?

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Ignore my post above.I found the problem. For some reason, on my machine the VTune installer decided to turn the syntax highlighting colors to all black by default and there were no associations for the syntax highlighting profiles to file types. I don't know what caused it but I managed to fix it now.

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