vtl unpack?

vtl unpack?

Can VTune unpack previously packed project?


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Hello jrzhou,

You win the eagle eye award for this week! No indeed, the vtl version 1.1 cannot unpack a previously packaged product. If you take a quick look at the man page, you'll easily confirm my memory:

$ man vtl

Now the good news: that functionality *is* included in the next release, version 2.0, which is in beta test right now.

Just email vtune.sales@intel.com with the subject "VTune analyzer 2.0 for Linux beta" and we'll send you the URL for getting the software. (It's fast and free.)

Note that the beta license will let you use the software through the end of December 2004; but, at that time, you should be able to purchase/download an eval copy of the finished product.



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