call tree ordered by a running procedure?

call tree ordered by a running procedure?

I have to understand a big old fortran program associate with lot's of options using similar routines. I'd like to check which subroutines (or functions) are executed under different options. What I usually do with small programs which I can access source codes is put 'print' at different check points, so I can trace the procedure.
This, however, would be a real pain and inefficient way with a big program which may have hundreds of possible brances. While I am thinking about the problem I have I found about the profiling and the VTune. I downloaded an evaluation version of the VTune and have been trying to understand how it works. I can see lots of advatages which can be achieved by using profiling without finding a solution for my own problem.
My problem is so simple and can be solved if a list of calling procedures for subroutines (or functions) executed during a running process is given. VTune results with default options show call graphs with integrated called numbers, so I cannot distinguish modules of the same routine but called at different times or points during a running process. For instance, I have a module named C which is called depending on a given value for a option.
if option == a
call C <== case 1
else if option == b
call C <== case 2
call D
end if
In VTune, the total number that C has been called is given by default. How can I distinguish case 1 and 2?
It might be so simple but not easy to find the solution as a VTune novice.
I'll really appreciate if somebody let me know how to do this.

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In source view, look for the Call Site columns. It will show you the information you are interested in - the number of calls and time in each call site.

Thanks, boazt. But the information is not exactly what I want. It seems my original problem statement is too long without hitting the bull's eye.

In short, I am wondering if there is a way that VTune can show all subroutines (functions) called in a time sequential order (as if putting a line at the beginning of all subroutines to print the name of each subroutine whenever it is called sequentially).

In short, No.
VTune does not keep a trace of the calls. The data is collected as a call tree, so the sequence information is "lost".

Collecting the information as a trace (sequence of calls) will make your collected data huge, and is not practical.


I see.
Thanks a lot.

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