ViewSonic V36/V37 compatible?

ViewSonic V36/V37 compatible?

Since the V35 is becoming increasingly difficult to find, I would like to know, are the successor models, the V36 and V37, compatible with VTune?

-- Kevin

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I have not tried it myself yet. I believe you can still order an optimization kit from Intel that has a V35 (+ VTune and some other tools)

We're working with various OEMs who manufacture PDAs using Intel XScale CPUs to see if they can addfunctionality to their specific winCE BSPs to support the VTune Analyzer data collector drivers. Unfortunately, some PDA vendors are not convinced that they need to add this support until major software vendors ask them for it. Thus, we're hoping that major ISVs will ask their PDA vendors for VTune support.


I have heard that the just released update for the 7.1 VTune analyzer supporting Windows* Mobile* 2003 for Pocket PC* and Smartphone* running on Intel PXA25x, PXA26x, PXA27x processors works on the V37. However, I do not guarantee it. I suggest purchasing one from a dealer that has a money-back guaratee. That way, if it doesn't work, you can return it. This update is available for download to registered customers at

Alternately, the new Mobile Optimization Kit includes a Dell Axim X3 along with the Intel compiler, libraries, and analyzer for the PXA processors. See more info.



An update: The VTune team in Oregon is looking into getting a V37 so we can see if it is compatible with VTune 7.1 and the PocketPC 2003 update for VTune. We should have an answer soon.

Any news on this yet?

Its been a while.....


Hi Glen:

Instead of purchasing a V37, I simply purchased the Pocket PC 2003 upgrade for the V35. So, while I can't say definitively that it will work with the V37, I have no reason to doubt that it will. The V37 is just a faster V35 running Pocket PC 2003. I have been successfully using the analyzer, with the Intel XScale technology update supporting Pocket PC 2003, on the upgraded V35 for some time now.


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