graphical interface

graphical interface

I bought VTune 1.1 for Linux a few days ago, and I can't find the advertised graphical user interface. I read a few old messages in this forum about it, and there seems to be some sort of plugin you can request. I have requested it, but I got no answer. Has anybody been able to get this graphical interface for Linux?



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Hey wtcorrea,

I'll send it to you if you want. But please note there is no advertised GUI for VTune analyzer 1.1 for Linux: it's command line only! The GUI is with VTune 7.0, a Windows product that supports linux applications by means of a networked Linux remote agent. (It's easy to confuse the two products sometimes.)

Also trueabout this pilot GUI plugin for vtl 1.1:

1) pilot software (works like a champ but is not supported in any way)

2) works for callgraph only, not sampling

3) if you find bugs, you send them directly to me, not to our Premier support website

Say the word and I'll send it to you.

(Most people have been getting the software by emailing, but some viral activity in recent weeks has me wondering if all of the messages in and out have connected...)



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