Installation problems

Installation problems

I have downloaded the trial version of VTune 7, and installed it on a win2k-machine. There were already another version of VTune installed (4.5) which I forgot to remove first. When trying to start VTune 7 it says it cannot load some modules, and the functionality due to that of the program is reduced to basically nothing.
I tried to uninstall both versions of VTune, reboot, and install VTune 7 again, but the problem remains.
Any ideas what to do?

Thanks in advance

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You must remove all folders which were part of the old installation, and also remove all registry keys put there by the old installation. You may be able to accomplish this by searching on vtune, and removing the directories found. Under regedt32, the keys which must be deleted should be found under the SOFTWARE trees, under various Intel... entries. Good luck. Possibly, one of the installation clean-up utililities could accomplish this.

Thanks for the help. I have removed everything I found in the registry with "vtune" and "Intel". I also removed every file in the Intel-folders I found, but still the problem remains. I used a file-monitor to try finding out what the program wants to load, and apparently it fails to load the following:

C:ProgramVTuneAnalyzerBin%systemroot%system32faxperf.dll PATH NOT FOUND

VTune seems to mix two paths into one, the "C:ProgramVTuneAnalyzerBin" and "%systemroot%system32" paths. It tries this for all following attempts to load faxperf.dll and a set of other dll's as well.

Anyone knows what is happening?

I suggest you file an issue on They should be able to help you

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