How to set the application running times in vtune?

How to set the application running times in vtune?

Hi, all.
Generally, when the vtune sampls an application, the application runs for 2 times for an approximatly precise result. But if I want the application to run for just one time, how should I do? thanks

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Hey newlife2003

That first run is called a calibration run, and it's currently vtl's default behavior to include it. To stop it from happening, add -o "-cal no" to your command line, for example:

vtl activity -c sampling -o "-cal no" -app /bin/ls run

By default, vtl currently runs a calibration session (default, 20 seconds) before running your application for the session you've asked for.

You can stop this by turning calibration off at the command line by adding -o "-cal no" as I mentioned above(do a man page on sampling for more info).

$ man sampling

Please note that the engineering team is considering currently turning calibration OFF by default by the time the new 2.0 beta software is released.

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