I must use RedHat9 and my need for VTune is becoming fairly desperate. I am aware that version 1.1 is not supported on RedHat versions above 7.3 but it would be helpful to my contingency planning to learn about any progress being made toward RedHat9 support.

I have a Premier Support issue open on this matter (case number 193738) but I thought I'd post here in case the forum members are able to speak more freely about predictions and rumours.



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I have no inside information but I tried to get vtune working with RH9 without luck. Even after downloading a non RH kernel would it not install properly.

Hey Gisli and Max,

It's true that RH 9 is not in the supported list for VTune analyzer 1.1.

HOWEVER, if you have a Windows workstation on the net with your RH9 server, you should be able to use the remote data collectors from VTune 7.0 to collect data from applications running on RH 9.

To download an eval copy, click here or just go take a look:


That's a fair question, btw, and wanted to answer it apart from the URL above.

The truth is a great many of our customers are suggesting that RH9 is not necessarily in their futures, preferring instead the Red Hat Enterprise Linux family (Linux AS, Linux ES, Linux WS) or are on -- already! -- to RH 10 because of certain bugs.

BUT I hear what you're saying: RH9 is important to you, and I'm forwarding your request on. If there's a change in our roadmap to include RH9, I'll post that info here.

Otherwise, see above for the URL for trying the Linux remote agents using 7.0, or soon, the beta software of 7.1. It's true that this approach will require a Windows workstation, so that may or may NOT work for you.



Making it to at least partially work on RH9 can be difficult. I tried and followed th instructions from intel and edited the kernel source so that the needed function was exported. I didnt managed to build the kernel after that. Instead did I tried a kernel from but when I tried to install it was not the complete vtune package installed. Perhaps was it good enough for just sampling but I never tested that.

Sounds like you made a good effort, Max.

There are more issues, however, aside from the kernel version and source. I am not speaking from a position of absolute authority here, but other variables include c library versions and various kernel bugs themselves.

However, there's a lot of discussion around here regarding what amount of work would actually be involved to get RH9 in the supported list. No promises, but please stay tuned.



I am using RH9 for my projects as well. I strongly hope VTune would add RH9 to its supported list.

I'm hearing the message!

In the meanwhile, for some thoughts on a similar topic from Intel Engineering, take a look here, a posting elsewhere in this forum.



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