installation problem

installation problem

hey all,

during the installation i got this error message:
Thu 08 14:02:43 Failed - Cannot get shared lock on RPM Database

do anybody know what to do?

thanks for helping
tomas g.

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hey tcprince,

yes, i was su while starting the installation script. I'm a linux beginner: How can i know if a process locks the rpm database. And if i locate that process, what should i do? Just kill the process?

thanks for helping
tomas g.

Hey kinek,

Did you use "su" or "su -"?


Generally speaking, it's not a good idea just to kill a process, what some textbooks call "going for the jugular." Typically we want a process to shut itself down in an elegant and unforced manner, closing any open work files it may have opened along the way, stopping any child processes that may have been forked, bringing the process to a planned finish. By killing (especially with a -9 option) you can actually cause trouble, including filesystem corruption and binary failures.

What you might want to do next varies on whether or not this Linux server only has one user on it (you), or many users who are doing work on it.

If this is your Linux server, and you're the only user and system admin, you should reboot the server and after it comes back up, see if the rpm process is gone (probably the case unless something very weird happened during OS installation)

If you're not the system administrator, you need to ask the help of the system administrator to get this software installed. (It requires a reboot, for example: only admin can do that.)

Again, just killing processes is something that can be risky, although we all do it from time to time. I'd suggest you NOT take that route, this time around, and instead try an elegant reboot for the whole server.

>If this is your Linux server, and you're the only user and system admin, you

>should reboot the server and after it comes back up, see if the rpm process is

>gone (probably the case unless something very weird happened during OS


this is not my server, but it's no problem to reboot it:-)
"see if the rpm process is gone": how can i see this? i mean, it's no problem to
look for running processes (ps -A) but how can i knew what process is the rmp-process??? i have about 30-40 processes running and they have very strange names.

thanks for helping

Hi Kinek,

Your best bet may be to rebuild the rpm database (which must be done as root). Try rpm -rebuilddb. This is probably a general RPM problem on your system.

Hope this helps!

Aaron Levinson

Hi Kinek,
I have exactly the same problem - I'm trying to install VTUNE on gentoo - I am root, the rpm works normally, there's nothing blocking it, still I get this error. Any hints?

The database is not locked, the problem is that the installation script searches for 'rpm' in the package database, and since you are using gentoo the rpm database is empty.
I tried modifying the installation scripts (commenting out the rpm statement in the lock-test functions), but instead the installation froze. I'm currently trying to make an ebuild for vtune, but I haven't succeeded yet...


Erik - I believe this is a long way. VTune for Linux installation is not perfect. There are several places when it uses RPMs, then scripts inside RPM and finally some things after all RPMs are installed.

I think installing it on one of supported Linux and then coping on your Gentoo box would be much easier - at least you'll know you have it working on the first system.

try these:
0. run vtune installation in typical mode
1. copy /opt/{intel,sag}to your gentoo
2. copy /etc/rc.d/init.d/{ntd,vtune}to your gentoo
3. create groups vtunesag and vtune at they were at system 0
4. create links to these services at your runlevels as it was on a system 0
5. create fake /etc/{redhat,suse}-release

Regards, Andrei

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