Confused about kernel module build

Confused about kernel module build

the source code for my running kernel redhat 2.4.20-13.7smp
is in /usr/src

The file


is not at all clear to me on how to get the module built.

Should I:

cd /opt/intel/vtune/analyzer/drivers/src
make install


I'm getting an error on ./configure

[root@lyta src]# ./configure
checking for template makefile ...
checking for kernel exports file ... /usr/src/linux/kernel/ksyms.c
checking for kernel includes ... /usr/src/linux/include
checking if gcc supports anonymous structs and unions ... yes
checking architecture ... i686
checking kernel version ... 2.4.20-13.7smp
checking if UP or SMP ... SMP
checking for module license ... GPL
checking if mmap_*_read is supported ... no
checking if mm header is available ... yes
checking if for_each_process is exported ... no
checking if sys_call_table symbol is exported ... no (only defined)
checking if kallsyms_symbol_to_address is exported ... no (only defined)
checking if kallsyms_address_to_symbol is exported ... no (only defined)
checking if sys_open is exported ... no

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Hey phillong69,

Is there a sysadmin for your server that you can talk to about the specifics of upgrading your server's kernel, or are you it?

If you're it (tag!), you need to follow all steps in the howto-build-kernel-for-sampling.htm, not just the ./configure part.

(From the below, it looks like you'll at least have to export the sys_call_table symbol...)



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