Vtune for Linux Kernel Driver

Vtune for Linux Kernel Driver


I am planning to buy VTune for Linux and would like to know if I can use it to profile Linux Kernel drivers (both static build and loadable modules). I was told that VTune can be used, but I have not come across any topics or references to the usage of Vtune on Kernel drivers.

I would appreciate if any one can (VTune support team..) let me know if VTune can be used on Kernel driver.


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I've forwarded your question to the appropriate team: stay tuned. In the meanwhile, be sure to download an eval copy of the software asap so you can start kicking the tires. You can register to download here. (Just select the link for the free evaluation download.)

The eval version is fully functional, it just times out after 30 days.

More soonest.



Hey Dave,

VTune for Linux 1.1 supports sampling on Linux kernels and kernel modules.

Depending on your kernel, for certain technical reasons related to our interpretation of the kernel load address data, a few of the current VTune customers are seeing examples where a module appears as "OtherNN" instead of under the module's name during drilldown.

This does prevent further drill down into those modules. Intel DEV has fixed this situation, and the fixes are in place for the new releases our software, upcoming during Fall of this year.

Best advice here is, download the software ASAP and take a look. Should you see the "OtherNN" condition described above -- and you well may NOT -- open a Premier case and we'll take it from there.

If you have any questions about this reply, please post away.



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