Counting Floating Point Operations

Counting Floating Point Operations

I have several sampling questions:

1. Is there an event for Intel Xeon/Pentium 4 processors for counting all the Floating Point Instructions executed (or all the Integer Instructions)?
2. Why can't I see the 'x87 and SIMD Register and Memory Moves Retired' event in the list of the supported CPU events (for Intel Xeon CPU)?
3. Is there a way I can change/set the Event Mask Bits for the events when using Event Based Sampling?
And finally:
4.Can I measure other events within VTune apart from the ones that seem to be supported by Vtune and among the Performance Monitoring events that appear in the processor manual?

Thanks in advance!

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Great questions, smaragd.

I'll be running them by the DEV team for sure, but have you perused the REFERENCE MANUAL as yet regarding processor events?

By default, it's located in:


index.htm (I use netscape to view)

You'll find a full list of Pentium 4 supported events, and some pretty good descriptions of their use.

Regardless, if you haven't taken a look as yet, please do.



In regards to question 1, you can use the x87 instructions retired event to measure the number of floating point operations (this does not include SSE or SSE2 instructions).

For the other questions there is no easy way to modify the event mask bits from the command line at the time. What exactly are you trying to measure?

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