How Can I count the flops of my code using VTune?

How Can I count the flops of my code using VTune?

Thank you!! ................Urgent needed!!

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What processor are you trying to do this on?

I am sorry. I think I have made a mistake. I need to count the floating point operation in my code. I have a PC with Pentium III and a PC with Pentium IV. Thanks!

On the Pentium 4 you can use the event x87 Instructions Retired. On the PIII you can use the event FP Operations Retired. However these will not give you a true meaning of FLOPs since they do not count floating point calculations using the SSE and SSE2 instructions (Pentium 4 only). Generally when calculating FLOPs you looking at you algorithm at a high level and see how many floating point operations there are per iteration. Than you multiply that by the total interations and divide by the execution time.

Thank you so much! I only need the number of floating point operations in my code. So I needn't divide by the excutive time, right?


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