Code coverage

Code coverage

I am trying to analyze if intel vtune can be used as code coverage tool, with % of lines,functions,api's.

I can get most of these information from the product, but i don't know if there is easy way of calculating numbers.

I am comparing this with other code coverage tools like Livecoverage,purecoverage,Bullseye.

i appreciate all your inputs.

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as far as I know currently there is no code coverage functionality in VTune.

But Intel compilers have, please refer it's manual.



The latest version of Intel compiler can be used as a code coverage tool.

1. Compile the code using -O2 -prof_genx -prof_dir ~home/prof/
2. Instrument the execution
3. run codecov in ~home/prof/

The output should be CODE_COVERAGE.HTML and a directory Code_Coverage.



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