getting started with VTune/Linux

getting started with VTune/Linux

Can't seem to find any documentation beyond installation instructions and a couple man-pages. (The HTML stuff is mostly install stuff as well). How does one jump-start the use of VTune on Linux? Is there any sample code, simple walk-thru of capabilities, even a short user's manual? Anything?


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Have you tried the user's guide, which can typically be found at /opt/intel/vtune/doc/users_guide (or elsewhere, if you choose a custom installation directory)? Open index.htm with your favorite Web browser to view it.

Hope this helps!

Aaron Levinson

Spot on, aaron!

Also, for folks who are just getting their feet wet with the software, the two sections in the User Guide that can be real helpful are the QUICK START WITH SAMPLING, and QUICK START WITH CALL GRAPH. Very practical advice there.

And after you start to dig in, you might want to look at the Reference Manual, usually located in:


Again, by viewing the index.htm file as aaron pointed out.

Also VERY MUCH worth reading:

$ man vtl

$ man ActivityController

$ man sampling

$ man callgraph



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