Viewing result: short on DMA buffers?

Viewing result: short on DMA buffers?

I am using vtl to do some hotspot analysis. For one of my application, the data collection phase was fine; but when I want to view the result (using "vtl view"), I got hundreds of lines of "Warning - runnning *really* short on DMA buffer", followed by the following message:

sfdump5: QAlloc.c: 351: void *OurMalloc(unsigned int): Assertion 'mT->allocedArray.mem != __null' failed.

I did check with "vtl show" and a result was listed there. The collector I used was "sampling". Simple applications, such as "/bin/ls", worked just fine.

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unfortunately I have no precise answer just a guess...

may be your system is out of Virtual Memory?
try "top" or other utilities to monitor the VM memory consumption.

If this is the case, may be increasing of "swap" space can help.

Anyway you can open a Premier case! Those support guys eat this stuff up for breakfast.
- Copied from Jeff's replaies


Thanks. It seems memory is the problem. I have 1GB RAM and 2GB swap space on my machine, but vtl eats them all without hesitation. Why viewing the result needs so much mamory? Is there any way to reduce the memory consumption, for example, working in a streaming mode?

I'm having the same problem. My memory size 1.5 GB and swap spaceis 5 GB. Still I cannot use vtl show command. Is there any workaround. Thanks


trial version users can enjoy the support .
just subnit your cases to PRemier support , hope you'll get the answer/woraround or whatever that will help to resolve your issues

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