profile program launched from other program

profile program launched from other program

I am trying to profile program A, which is launched on windows using CreateProcess in program B. How do I get the profiling information for A?

Using Microsoft's profiling tool I can create a new program A' that calls ::CreateProcess("profile A").

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Are you using call graph or sampling? If you are using sampling it is system wide so you can just tell VTune to launch program B or not to launch anything at all. It will collect system wide information so you should see profiling data for program A and B. If you are using call graph tell call graph to launch program B. Then in the modules of intersest window remove program B and add program A.

In addition to what Birju said, for call graph you can tell to run nothing and then in the modules of interest window add program A. If you will choose this way, do not forget to press Stop button after program A will finish.

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