Anyway to get vtune cli version to work on non-rpm based system?

Anyway to get vtune cli version to work on non-rpm based system?

I am using gentoo and would like to try the vtune linux version to pack results and view them on windows platform. Is this possible?

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Unfortunately I have no ready solution for you.
I suppose that with some tricks and support from Intel support engineer, it is possible.

Actually you need to extract and put all files from rpm packages to the install directory and register some "COM" components with EntireX utilities + add some more "registry" entried to the "registry" for "Add-ins". (sounds like MS Windows :-)) + some manipulations with license files.

None of these seems to me like a big problem. Try to ask support people to help you.


Hey cptanpanic,

Top notch question, Brian. And, if I understand you right, the VTune developers did anticipate your need. The functionality you describe is built in to vtl.

By using the "pack" option to vtl, you can generate a pack and go file (a file ending in .vxp) of your current linux vtl project.

If you then copy that .vxp file to a Windows workstation running VTune 7.0, you can then select FILE --> Unpack which expects a .vxp file as input. You can then view your Linux application data on the VTune windows software.

(You can use SAMBA, ftp, sneakernet, whatever floats your boat to transfer the .vxp file...)

If you're running VTune 6.1, you should upgrade (OF COURSE), but that said, a patch is available for VTune 6.1 that will enable it to understand vtl pack files as well. That file is on premier, and if you can't see it, open a case asking for it.

Let me know if this didn't answer your question: lots of folks appreciate seeing their data on the Windows side, and this is one darn easy way to do it.



Jeff, Brian,

I understood from the subject of the question that Brian has a problem to install VTune on the system which has no "rpm" utilities. (VTune installationis based on rpm pakets)

Brian, is it true?


rmp tool is ported to the most of modern Linux systems.
however, the product was tested only on the systems mentioned in the Release Notes.

They are RH7.1, RH7.2, RH7.1, RHAS2.1 for CLI 1.0 and RH7.1, RH7.2, RH7.1, RHAS2.1, SuSe8.0, SuSe8.1, SLES8.0 for CLI 1.1.

There is no guarantee that product works on other systems.
It is absolutely correct that you can pack you linux project by 'vtl pack' command and then unpack it on Windows system and use VTune analyzer for Windows to analyze the performance data.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Lupach

You also could try to ask this question on
Actually there are two questions:
- how to install rmp on these systems?
- is your gentoo system compatible (binaries/runtime libs level) with the Linux systems suported by VTune analyzer for Linux?

You can always get RPM from All you have to do, if I remember correctly, is tar -zxvf the rpm file in your / directory.

Or, if you really don't want RPM on your box, create a scratch user, untar the rpm-*.tar.gz into that user's dir, and copy the ~/usr/lib/rpm/ directory to /usr/lib/rpm/ for as long as it takes you to do what you have to. When you're finished, you can remove the /usr/lib/rpm/.

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