VTune for CVF and IFC users

VTune for CVF and IFC users

I have an evaluation copy of VTA070WSGB00139 which runs under its own gui. I've removed VS.NET 2002 and I've yet to replace it with .NET 2003. A colleague leads me to understand that MS appear to have changed how debug symbols work in VC++ 7.1 (.NET 2003) over how they work in VC++ 6 or 7 (VS.NYET or .NET 2002).

If the debug symbols are different does this have any bearing on VTA070WSGB00139 versus VTA070WSGB00120. What precisely is the difference between VTA070WSGB00139 and VTA070WSGB00120 vis-a-vis CVF6.6, IFC, IVF, and .NET 2002 or 2003.

I want to be able to have CVF/VC++ 6 work with the VTune GUI _and_ IFC/VC++ 7.1 or eventually IVF/VC++ 7.1 work with VTune in the .NET 2003 (but not 2002) IDE. Do I have to get both VTA070WSGB00139 and VTA070WSGB00120?

Gerry T.

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Gerry where are you getting codes VTA070WSGB00139 and VTA070WSGB00120? In any case use the newer one. The release version of VTune Analyzer 7.0 should work all the environments you mention below.

Gerry -- VTA070WSGB00139 and VTA070WSGB00120 are just part numbers.

Customers that own CVF 6.0 and higher can order part number VTA070WSGB00139 by providing the reseller the CVF serial number. The reseller will validate the serial number so you can purchase VTune at the discounted price of $399 instead of $699.

VTA070WSGB00120 is when you purchase a MS VS 2003 VTune bundle.

Custom Solutions, for example, sells the MS VS 2003 / VTune bundle for $1,225. See http://www.cs-software.com/software/fortran/intel/intel_win_order_1.html for details.

Programmers Paradise, for example, sells the MS VS 2003 / VTune bundle for $1,173.99. See http://www.programmersparadise.com/product.pasp?code=WEB0319C&txtProduct....

Other resellers - http://www.intel.com/software/products/reseller.htm - might offer similar.

Intel Corp.

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