crash when running activity (call graph)

crash when running activity (call graph)

I have a DirectX application. It's a cloth simulation. The debug and release version run fine. I did this before:
-Set to Release
-Linker->Command Line, Add "/fixed:no"
-Turn "Generate Debug Info" to "Yes(/DEBUG)"
-Turn "Generate Map File" to "Yes(/MAP)"
-Turn "Map Exports" to "Yes(/MAPINFO:EXPORTS)"

It works fine with the a sample DirectX program that comes with the SDK. But with mine, it crashes right at the beginning.

I'm running the eval version. If I fix the problem I will buy it. But right not it seems using high performance counters will be the solution.

Thanks if you can help me!

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you are righ; the debug info manipulations are important to get meaningful information from VTune collections, espessially in call graph.
you are also right that you use release configuration as a base and change there some flags.

i do it in 2 places :
1) in C/C++ tab I put "Debug info" to "program database"
2) in Linker tab I mark "Debug Info" check box + /fixed:no.
I never generate MAP files. Is there anything specific with them that you need?

Please try this configuration. Does it help?

Anyway you can use Premier Intel Support to submit your issue, even if you have an eval version.


I did this but I still have the same problem. I don't think it is useful but after it crashes I get a window titled: "The following EXEs or DLLs were dynamically loaded but not instrumented"

It's as if there is something in my exe VTune doesn't like. Ouch!



Is it possible to share this application or at least a minimal example to reproduce the crash?

If 'yes', please describe your environment in details:
- Hardware platform
- OS
- installed SDK-s and IDE-s
- what do you use to build the application
- VTune analyzer version and the source you took it from

Probably we will be able to invent some kind of workaround and help you.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Lupach

you can send the app directly to me if its small in size (~1mb).
however, the preferred way is to put the sources, binaries and symbol files to a ftp site and provide a link.

You can try playing with the Call Graph advanced configuration and lower the instrumentation level of certain DLL groups, to see if it helps.

- Try disabling COM Tracing
- Try Minimal instrumentation for System DLLs, and for User DLLs.

Hope it helps,

the problem was in the app itself -- it has to be run from its root directory, otherwise it crashes.

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