Basics of Performance Analysis on Linux OS...........

Basics of Performance Analysis on Linux OS...........

I was asked to do performance analysis of a java application which is running on linux os. Basically I am familier with Windows. I am new to Linux. So I want to know basics of performance analysis on linux OS. Can any body tell me where can I get the desired information..?

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Hi Prasad,

welcome back to forum :-)

well, the sources are as usual: manual, forum and technical support.
Generally there are 2 VTune products that support Linux collection.
On Windows, VTune 7.0 supports remote collection i.e. with linux remote agents installed on remote Linux box. (both sampling and call graph)

There is also Linux native product with command line interface. The last version is 1.1.

You can learn more about collection on Linux from forum
VTune Performance Analyzer for Linux applications

i am not sure that the current versions of VTune 7.0 and 1.1 fully support the java collection. but please reference the release notes and manual to be sure.


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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the information. Could u please clarify one thing that is what does "remote collection" mean..? Does it collects performance counter data from the remote machine...?


you are right,the collection is done in the remote LInux machine. There you have to install only remote agents.

You create activities, control the flow of the collection, and analyze the results on your local Windows based machine, where VTune 7.0 is installed


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