hotspot analysis

hotspot analysis


When we are analyzing the hotspots, we notice no "group by" happening on functions. This causes a lot of problem while doing top level analysis based on function comparison.

This feature needs to be added at the earliest.


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Thanks for the remark.
We know that this feature is missed in 1.0/1.1.

I would suggest you to use 'vtl pack ' command in order to pack the project, then unpack it on the machine with VTune 7.0 if you have it and analyze the grouped hotspots. Of course they also can be grouped by a special script or something also.

It would require you to have an access to the application binaries on Windows machine when you drill down to the hotspot view if you did not view hotspots for the required modules on Linux.

Kind regards,
Konstantin Lupach

hi Hrishi,

I agree that this feaure is missing.

Yet the advice of Konstantin is valuable indeed.

It's "value" is the cost of the additional VTune 7.0 licence at least (currently 699$). (and this is in the best case, when a user has at hand ready MS OS operated PC)

Seems like a small perl script can solve this issue like a workaround. Use the function name (mangeled/full name name and/or any columns concatunated) as a key in an associated array. Per each line, just add the the value(s) under interest for the same key in the array.


Would like to add that this feature is being added to the next version of the product. So you will see group by functions in CLI1.2 version


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