Can't export data from VTUNE 7.0

Can't export data from VTUNE 7.0

Up till now I have been using VTUNE 6.0, and have exported data in CSV format for post processing (this did not required Excel to be present on the machine).

I have taken advantage of a free upgrade to VTUNE 7.0 for existing VTUNE 6.0 customers. VTUNE installed fine, and everything seems to work, including remote data collection from Linux. However, the "Export" option in the menu is greyed out when I try to export data from the module view.
Note that I am not trying to use the "export to Excel" in the toolbar.

What could be the reason for this? Driver error of some sort? I notice that the "Print" option is greyed out, too, which may or may not be related. I double checked the installed license and it is good for a few more months.

Any help appreciated.

-- Norbert

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hi juffa,

the answer to your question is quite simple.
Export and Print options are working only in "table view" and not in "Horosontal Bar Chart" view.
To switch from view to view, click right mouse and got to "View As" and choose "Table".

Do you have now "export" and "Print" options in "File" menu?



Thanks! I did remember this later last night (I hadn't worked with VTUNE for a number of months). May I suggest adding a statement to this effect ("you must be in table view mode") be added to the online help for the CSV export feature?

BTW, is there a specific reason the data cannot be exported while in non-table view mode? Presumably the data is stored in the same internal format independent of the external view, and could be exported from the internal storage no matter what the current view?

-- Norbert


You raised excellent question!
Well, someone has to submit this bug to the support, do you mind to do this?

I understand that you worked with VTune 6.0, didn't you?
Can you say a few words, how was your experience with VTune 7.0? Was it different? Did you feel any improvements? Were the new features (see released notes) helpfull to you? Shortly, does it worth upgrade? (Even for free :-))


I'd be happy to file a bug. How do I submit a bug? Is there a web form somewhere?

As for new features, the most significant difference for us is the Linux driver kit. We were able to build a driver for a custom Linux build in just a couple of minutes.


For support/bug issues please see the answer by Jeff at
how to get support for evaluation version?


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OK, I filed an RFE through our Premier Support account. It is #187560 in case you are interested.

BTW, I had to file this from my machine at home which has IE. Following the "Submit Issues" link crashes my browser at work (Netscape 4.79; don't ask!).

BTW2, it would be nice if this Forum and the Premier Support website could be optimized for speed. Both are very sluggish over my 56K dial-up connection. I guess there is a price to pay for all that eye-candy ...

Thanks for your assistance, Daniel.

-- Norbert


thank you very much for your valuable input!
I'll try to point appropriate people to the problems you address.

Enjoy working with VTune (you do, don't you? :-))


I have been using VTUNE off and on since it first came out. Originally it came as a freebie on the Intel C compiler CD-ROM if I recall correctly. Even the first version was very useful, considering general limitations of a sampling profiler. All competing products at the time used instrumentation (source or binary) which proved problematic (crashes etc). They were applicable only to user code and could not capture overall system activity. VTUNE's profiling functionality has improved with every version. Of course, Intel has been charging more money with every new version as well :-)

To be perfectly honest: while there have been many changes to the GUI over the years, I still find the interface a bit difficult to use at times. The issue discussed in this thread being a case in point.

-- Norbert

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