Deleting Activities

Deleting Activities

How do I delete the activities that get created. Is there a command like "vtl view" to delete the activities. Can you atleast tell me which directory these activities get stored at?.


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if you run vtl without parameters in will bring a short overview for all the commands including 'delete' one:
delete Perform one of the following delete operations:
[] Delete Activity .
[-f | -force] Delete Activity without prompting for confirmation.
[-a | -all] Delete project.
[-f | -force] Delete project without prompting for confirmation.
can be just an activity number (beginning with 1).

See 'vtl show' output in order to decide what the activities you want to delete.

Hi Gautham,

happy to see you are starting to use "vtl". it is very intresting to hear your opinion comparing VTune native solution on Linux (using vtl) and VTune with Remote Linux agents (like VTune 7.0). i'll appreciate very much your replay in the thread CLI(vtl) or Remote Agents (vtserver)?

Regarding your question about VTune project directory you can look at my post Create ?new project? with ?vtl?

regarding specific activities' directory, call graph activty can be quered by:
vtl query -a XX

where XX is a call graph activity, see at the end the location for the "ini" files.

Please also try not to manipulate with files/directories there, as well not to put there your own files (they can be deleted accidentally).


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