I cannot change ESCR value

I cannot change ESCR value

How does VTune configure itself in the case of a sampling a remote processor. Does it do it based on the local/remote processor. I'm running the controlling system on a P4 processor while the remote Linux box is a Intel Xeon with Hyperthreading.

The lower 4 bits of ESCR are either set to OxC(OS/USR mode for Thread 1) or Ox4(Usr mode for Thread 1). I want to monitor both logical processors in the Xeon machine and it does not allow me to change the lower 4 bits of ESCR to Oxf (it keeps resetting itself). I think VTune is broken in this regard.


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Hi Gautham,

You might want to try to manually set the exact type of your remote CPU. To do this enter the "Advance Configuration"/"Advanced Collector Wizard" and define remote box properties as needed.

If you still experience problems submit a request to Intel Premier Support and get a precise answer from there.

Would you like to try our the VTune for Linux CLI 1.0 which runs native on Linux box? Does it solve your problem?


Yeah I did try out the CLI 1.0 version for a Linux box and it seems to work fine with convincing results. However I'm trying to narrow down what the problem with this remote sampler could be.

Gautham the remote collector programs the performance counters based on the remote computer. So in your case it would use CPUID on the remote computer to determine the processor and processor features. This should work fine and you should not need to set the ESCR values manually

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