Using custom triggers

Using custom triggers

I am in the process of profiling a PC game. It would be handy for me to see fps counter on the same chart with CPU utilization and memory useage. As I understand I should use VT_RegisterTrigger function to register the frame trigger and then call VT_SetTrigger every frame. Both functions return 0 when called from within the game, but how do I get to see the chart. FPS is not listed in 'add counter' dialog...

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You are talking about "Conter Monitor" collection, don't you?

In counter monitor 10s of counters are collected but not shown by defalt in the chart.

You have to add them manually. (press "+" icon in the toolbar of the CM view).

have you find you counter there?

if not please contact intel premier support

Hi Artem,
it seems to me that FPS counter won't appear in performance counters list, but you don't need it. Let me clarify the situation.
A trigger is actually an event forcing Counter Monitor (CM) collector to retrieve performance data from the system. After you have registered your trigger under certain name it should appear on the second page of CM collector configuration called "Triggers". Look into "Selected objects:" table there and click on "Trigger" column: you should see a drop down list with the name of your registered trigger in it. Select it for the performance object(s) of interest for you; apply changes and close the configuration dialog. When you start the collection particular performance object values will be collected when the trigger works.
Please let me know if you have other questions.

Regards -



Thank you very much for your answer!
Let me ask you the following question:

Following your description the trigger/event should be registered while CM collector is configured, isn't it?

Does it mean that my application, that registers this trigger, should be already running while CM is configured?

Or it is enough only once to run my program that registers the trigger, and since then it will be always available in the list of "triggers" of CM configuration pages?

Thank you

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