Sampling hotspot view

Sampling hotspot view

With the hotspot view when sampling, data is organized by function name. A single function name can be listed multiple times, which requires me to manually add up the event percentages to get a total usage for that function. Is there a way display a total of all events for a single funtion onto one line.

For example:
Function Events% ....
Func1 1.5%
Func2 5.0%
Func1 2.0%

Would become:
Func1 3.5%
Func2 5.0%

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you are right, the data is not summarized in sampling (hotspots) view in CLI 1.0.

There are several ways to overcome this problem:
1) as you currently do, manually summarize
2) write some script (perl is excellent for this purpose) that will do the job
3) "pack" and unpack in Windows VTune 7.0. There you'll get great GUI environment to analyze your data (as well your samples will be summarized)

by the way, did you tried the "remote Linux agent" technology available in VTune 7.0 to collect data on Linux?



Thank you.

I haven't yet tried the remote Linux agent but will next week. Once I have it setup will it still be necessary to pack and unpack?

no need in pack/unpack using Remote Agents techmology

you'll get your results right on your locacal Windows based system


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