red hat 8.0

red hat 8.0

Is is possible to install VTune 7.0 with
red hat 8.0?

If so, I am having trouble since I am using
gcc 3.2 and the install scripts exits if
gcc 2.96 is not installed. I am using icc
7.0 so the gcc version shouldn't be a problem
but I haven't found a way around this check.

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Release notes for VTune Analyzer v7.0 show that kernel 2.4.18-14 (Red Hat 8.0)is supported. The best thing to do here is to submit an issue with Intel Premier Support for assistance. If you need help doing this, let us know.

VTune 7.0 Performance Analyzer supports remote data collection on RedHat 8. This is the version of VTune that requires a Windows side client.

VTune 1.1 Performance Analyzer for Linux is a native Linux command-line tool (no Windows side client required). Due to certain issues, it is not supported on RedHat 8.

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