CLI(vtl) or Remote Agents (vtserver)????

CLI(vtl) or Remote Agents (vtserver)????

Hi All,

I wonder, what mode of collection on Linux do you prefer and currently use?

As you know "VTune 7.0" has Remote Agents for Linux both for call graph and sampling collections. I.e. from the VTune session opened on Windows machine you can collect and view data on remote Linux machines.

On the other hand:
VTune CLI 1.0 installed on Linux supports command line interface "vtl" for collecting and viewing activity resulsts on local Linux box.

What mode do you use and why? Did you have a chance to test both? Can you compare these two modes?

Thank you

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Hi Daniel,

For presentation and readability of results VTune 7.0 is better than VTune CLI 1.0. If VTune CLI 1.0 provides us an option which will generate only the top 20 hotspots, it will be very helpful. We can also provide customization feature.

VTune CLI 1.0 is very helpful as we can now have automated scripts that will incorporate VTune analysis along with our regular work.



I agree with you. I also use some scripts for postprocessing of "vtl view" results. Also for having top 20 :-)

like ..... | sort +1 -n | head -20 ...
or something like this. see my post:
"Surfing the call graph in the text mode."

I found some people post their scripts in the forum like:


whould you like to share with yours? Or they are too specific for your environment?

-Thank you

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