"The module does not match the results"

"The module does not match the results"

I am working with VTune 7.0.
While trying to see source view of a java application
in Sampling Results I am getting following warning message "The module does not match the results, some event will be missing due to mismatch with assembly.Do you want to continue". Can any body explain about this message..?

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First of all - continue!
Second , what is the name of this file? Does it happen during the first run inside the project, or for any other?
Third, I'll ask people around and try to come back to you with more precise answer.


Hello Daniel,
Name of the file is "jvm.dll". When I double click on the dll, "Hotspot" view is coming with lot of functions. I am getting this warning message when I double click on some functions. I suspect that may be this warning is due to multiple versions of jvm.dll files in my system. I have 3 versions (1.2, 1.3 and 1.4) of jdk installed in my system. In the symbol repository I am seeing these 3 jvm dlls.

Hi Prasad,

Very valuable input! Thank you!
Do you remeber how to clean you file association staff?
PLease clean it.
Do you run indeed different versions of java?
How your %PATH% environment variable looks like (what java.dll is the first in the path?)
From the point view of java, is it valid to have and run different version on the same box and how the machine should be set in order to provide the ability of running different java versions?

Thank you very much!

Hi Prasad,
the best way to get an answer is to attach the packed project to investigate. Generally this message means that binary was changed (rebuilt) since the moment when results were generated, but for java results I can hardly imagine the same case. So that's even interesting.

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