how to mergeactivity results from different projects?

how to mergeactivity results from different projects?

merging of activity results from different projects is not trivial task.
so if you are planning to merge activity results it's better to work in one project adding different activities there.

yet there is one trick that enables you to merge activity results from different projects.

Open project "1" and "Pack&Go" it.
Open Project "2"
Unpack the file with packed project "1" inside the open project "2". (Use the check box "unpack to the current project")

Now you have all activity results in one project. You can merge any.


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Thank you! This is really a very useful trick.

If I put 2 activities in one VTune projects, and the 2 activities are for 2 different executables, which are built from 2 VC++ projects with small parts of codes different, can VTune associate the 2 activity with correct source and symbol information? It seems the source directory information have only project-wide settings. Can I specify different source directory for different activities in the same VTune project?



I believe that VTune persists symbol information per activity result. So you should not have any problems with this. Why VTune persists symbols? See more in my post:
What is Pack and where to Go?

Did you tried it and find some problems with this?


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